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Focus on the Knees

Focus on the knees…

The details

The knee is a complex joint, the largest in the body, and joins the thigh bone with the leg.

What can go wrong?

Due to the complexity and size of the joint the knees can be susceptible to injury.  Injury can occur during activity like playing a sport or can be a result of poor alignment in relation to other joints in the body, or knees.

The Institute of Osteopathy lists the common symptoms of problems in the knee as ‘pain, stiffness, aching, locking, swelling, limping and difficulty fully straightening or bending the knee.’

How can osteopathy help if something goes wrong in the knee?

Osteopathy looks at the root cause of the pain so will swiftly identify the best course of treatment and whether or not this involves treating other areas of the body.  If you are concerned about your knee or are suffering with pain give Cram Osteopaths a call to have a chat and make an appointment for a check up.

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November’s Health Tips – Running in Winter

  1. Get the right fit – with wet, icy and even snowy conditions possible at this time of year it’s more important than ever to make sure your trainers are the right fit and have decent soles to handle what is underfoot. Visit a specialised store to have yours checked over or to be expertly fitted for a new pair.
  2. Be seen – with darkness falling ever earlier, make sure you wear appropriate running clothes with reflective panelling to ensure you are seen by drivers and other pedestrians.
  3. Stretch – running in the cold air means more opportunity for your muscles to seize up so ensuring you warm up and cool down before each run is vital to help avoid injury.
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