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Focus on… Digestion

Focus on digestion…

The details

The human digestive system contains many stages, starting with the mouth, through the oesophagus into the stomach where food is broken down and then onto the small bowel where the nutrients are absorbed before the final and slowest stage; the colon, where water is absorbed.

What can go wrong

A system with as many components as the digestive one can be easily susceptible to things going wrong.  Typical problems can range from relatively mild complaints like heartburn and constipation, to intolerances to foods containing, amongst others, lactose and gluten, to more serious ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.  Looking after your digestive system is important for everyone.

How osteopathy helps digestion

A visit to the osteopath may not be the first appointment you would consider making to help your digestive problems.  However, Visceral Manipulation is an osteopathy technique developed by French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral and is designed to assist functional and structural imbalances throughout the body including digestive dysfunction.[i]  Tying into basic principles of osteopathy including the importance of postural health Visceral Manipulation is concerned with how organs are attached to the body’s muscles and the impact this has when those muscles are under stress and strain.  Treating the tension in the muscles results in a positive impact on the associated organs.

If you are concerned about your digestion give Cram Osteopaths  a call to have a chat and make an appointment for a check up.


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Beat the Bloat Health Tips

December’s health tip – Beat the bloat

  1. Practice the Holiday 70:30 rule. Whether it’s Christmas dinner or a buffet at your work’s party, bear this rule in mind and you won’t go wrong.  Fill 70% of your plate with healthy food and choose whatever you like for the other 30%.  (This rule is normally 80:20 but as it’s the holiday season a little leeway should be allowed.)
  2. One for one. When drinking alcohol, match one glass of water for every glass of wine, beer, spirit or cocktail.  Your head and stomach will thank you the next day.
  3. The power of walking is something regular readers know we like to advocate.  Throughout December try to include three brisk walks a week into your schedule.  Your digestion, posture and general health will all benefit – just watch out for the ice!


Wishing all our patients a very happy holiday season,

Cram Osteopaths

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