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Do you find yourself buying and eating the same foods over and over, week in and week out? Well, if your pantry and fridge tend to always include the same items, then you may be restricting your gut health, and with it, your overall health… even if what you’re eating is helping you lose weight!

First, you must understand “gut health.”  There is a very intricate balance of bacteria in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  In fact, According to a New York Times article,“Bacteria in the gut produce vitamins and break down our food; their presence or absence has been linked to obesity, inflammatory bowel disease and the toxic side effects of prescription drugs. Biologists now believe that much of what makes us human depends on microbial activity. The two million unique bacterial genes found in each human microbiome can make the 23,000 genes in our cells seem paltry, almost negligible, by comparison.”

Researchers are also finding out that a greater diversity of gut bacteria is a very good thing.  According to a recent study in Molecular Metabolism, “Like all healthy ecosystems, richness of microbiota species characterizes the GI microbiome in healthy individuals. Conversely, a loss in species diversity is a common finding in several disease states. This biome is flooded with energy in the form of undigested and partially digested foods, and in some cases drugs and dietary supplements.”

The study states that during the past 50 years, the prevalence of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and inflammatory bowel diseases has increased sharply. A shared discovery for each of these pathologies is a reduction of the GI microbiome biodiversity. What causes lack of diversity?  One of the causes cited by the study that you can control is diet. If you exclude certain types of food from your diet, you may also exclude certain types of good bacteria you need for optimal gut health.  In the end, your gut (and subsequently the rest of your body) would probably benefit from eating a wider variety of foods than you’re probably eating now.



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3 Tips For Keeping The Strain Off Your Neck

3 tips for Keeping the strain off your neck

  1. When using your smartphone or tablet, hold it at eye level, with your spine and neck as straight as possible. Studies have found bending the neck at a 60 degree angle adds the equivalent of 60lbs of pressure on the cervical spineavoid this at all costs!
  2. When undertaking any activity, from walking to reading or watching tv – remember your posture and keep it upright. Avoid slumped shoulders and a curved spine.
  3. If you work at a desk all day, take advantage of the legal obligation your employer has to ensure your work station meets health and safety standards. Have it checked out and get any adjustments recommended made.


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