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June Health Tips

  1. Be luggage savvy – don’t try to be a hero and carry or pull along more cases than you can handle. If you are using public transport get an airport or station trolley and load it with your luggage remembering to bend at the knees when lifting heavy items. Pushing a trolley rather than pulling luggage behind you gives you more control and puts less strain on your spine.
  2. Keep moving – when you are settled on the train, plane or in the car it can be tempting to close your eyes and drift off until you reach your destination. Sitting in the same position for hours can cause many problems including deep vein thrombosis and shoulder strain. On public transport, get up every half hour or so, take a walk and stretch your arms out. If you are driving schedule regular breaks at service stations to give both passengers and the driver a chance to stretch out their bodies and relieve strain on any joints.
  3. Be physical – When you arrive at your holiday destination, there’s no doubt relaxation and enjoyment are at the top of your to do list. Try to keep in mind that fitting in movement and activity to whatever you have planned will hugely increase the likelihood of keeping your body healthy. Going for a swim or walking instead of driving or taking transport are easy and enjoyable ways to keep movement a part of your holiday fun.
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