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Mental Attitude: Stressful Jobs Can Impact Longevity.
Researchers followed 2,400 seniors for seven years and found those who primarily held high stress, low control jobs during their working years had a greater risk of death before the end of the study period than those who held stressful jobs with greater control. The researchers defined a low control job as “an inability to set one’s own goals, decide how to accomplish tasks, and prioritise work.” Their findings suggest that giving employees more control in a high stress job may provide health benefits that lead to a longer life.
Personnel Psychology, October 2016


Diet: Adding Eggs to Salads Increases Vitamin E Absorption.
Vitamin E is commonly under-absorbed by the digestive system, which is problematic because it exhibits both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Purdue University researchers have found that adding whole eggs to a colorful salad improves vitamin E absorption four to seven times, even though eggs are generally a poor source of the vitamin. The findings reveal how one food can improve the nutritional value of another food when they are consumed together.
Journal of Nutrition, September 2016

Exercise: New Guidelines Urge Diabetics to Move More.
New guidelines recommend that individuals with diabetes need to move more often than previously advised. The latest recommendation from the American Diabetes Association is that individuals with diabetes perform three or more minutes of light activity every 30 minutes during periods of prolonged sitting. Recommended activities include: overhead arm stretches, walking in place, leg lifts or extensions, torso twists, and side lunges. Researcher Dr. Sheri Colberg-Ochs notes, “These updated guidelines are intended to ensure everyone continues to physically move around throughout the day—at least every 30 minutes—to improve blood glucose management.”
Diabetes Care, October 2016

Chiropractic: Knee Arthritis May Lead to Shoulder Pain.
Among a sample of 3,486 older patients with clinically significant knee osteoarthritis (OA), researchers found that nearly a third went on to develop painful shoulder joints during the next four years. This study points out that the spread of joint pain is not random but rather, knee pain and associated weakness may actually predict new shoulder pain, supporting the idea that biomechanical factors can influence the spread of pain to other joints.
Journal of Rheumatology, November 2016

Wellness/Prevention: Dental Health Linked to Lung Health.
Having regular dental checkups may help keep your lungs healthy. A new study suggests that regular dental cleanings may lower the risk of pneumonia by reducing the presence of strains of bacteria associated with lung infections. An analysis of 26,000 medical records found that people who never received dental care were 86% more likely to get bacterial pneumonia than those who had dental checkups twice a year. Study author Dr. Michelle Doll adds, “There is a well-documented connection between oral health and pneumonia, and dental visits are important in maintaining good oral health.”
Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, October 2016

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Sitting Down All Day Can Be a Pain the Butt

You may have heard of the recent trend of standing desks. They’re elevated desks so you are on your feet while at your computer working. But, if you don’t have a standing desk you’re probably sitting at one while reading this email. Sedentary work habits are causing many of us to suffer back pain.


Here is some solid advice in preventing back pain if you work sitting down in an office all day.


  • First is getting up out of your chair and do some light stretching every 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a lot.
  • Next is to fidget, shifting around in your chair helps alleviate pressure on your joints.
  • Take your phone calls standing up. It will also improve your posture making you sound more confident over the phone. (Extra benefit)
  • Drink lots of water, staying hydrated helps with concentration and productivity. It also gets you moving to the bathroom when you gotta go.


Those are just some of the ways you can combat back pain because sitting down all day can damage your joints and muscles.

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