Sunshine and Outdoor Activities Can Lead to a Healthier You

You’d be hard-pressed strolling through your local park and seeing a sickly person playing catch or football with their friends. That’s why local parks and outdoor venues that cater to an active lifestyle are important to staying healthy.

Biologically we are wired to love nature and the outdoors, and having a park to go be active at has real tangible benefits.

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A telephone survey conducted by researchers at Penn State University found that those who frequently use local parks and outdoor recreational areas are more likely to self-rate their health higher than those who don’t go outside and enjoy the public parks.

While this shouldn’t come as a surprise, it is noteworthy that the same survey was conducted in 1991 and found that people back then didn’t self-rate their health as highly as the survey participants did in 2015.

This could mean that those parks are used for more physical activities today, and people in 1991 probably used local parks for picnic outings.

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