Spinach Breakthrough and Making Human Heart Cells

It is the vegetable that fueled Popeye’s strength and heroism. Now researchers are using spinach leaves as a scaffolding to grow layers of healthy heart muscles.

Researchers of biomedical engineering at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts grew beating human heart cells on spinach leaves. They believe they could deliver blood and oxygen to developing tissues through the veins of spinach leaves.


While this isn’t the first time plants when stripped of their plant cells have been used to benefit human patients. They’ve done wound healing and engineering cartilage tissue using biocompatible cellulose from them. But, this is the first time plants have been used to directly benefit a complex organ such as the heart.

This type of breakthrough research could make medical procedures affordable, and in the future I wouldn’t be surprised if hospitals grow gardens not for salads but for regenerating human organs.

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