Office Chairs and Spinal Posture.

Does your office chair include any features designed to improve your spinal posture while sitting? Researchers X-rayed 28 volunteers while they stood up straight, bent forward, and sat in four chair conditions: regular chair, a chair with lumbar support, a chair with seat pan tilt, and a chair with a backrest for scapular relief. While the investigators didn’t find any one feature to be statistically superior with respect to minimizing spinal flexion (which places stress on the back, potentially contributing to an injury during periods of prolonged sitting), they did report that the seat pan tilt feature resulted in significantly improved pelvic posture, which may benefit the musculoskeletal system. A Osteopathic evaluation may include an assessment of a patient’s workstation, including a review of chair type and quality, as poor ergonomics may contribute to his or her condition.
Ergonomics, October 2017