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Whiplash Sufferers and Chronic Pain…

Current research estimates that about 20% of whiplash patients will go on to experience chronic pain. In this study, researchers compared the number of painful locations and pain intensity between patients with chronic whiplash and patients with other types of chronic pain. The investigators found that whiplash sufferers had a higher number of painful locations and felt pain more intensely than the other participants. The results underscore the need for patients who sustain a whiplash injury to get appropriate treatment to reduce their risk for developing chronic pain.
Scandinavian Journal of Pain, July 2018

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Back Pain and Mobility Problems Are Common During Pregnancy.

The sacroiliac joints are located between the sacrum and the ilia which make up the pelvis. Among a group of 1,500 pregnant women, researchers found nearly 80% were diagnosed with sacroiliac dysfunction. You may find this can lead to both pain and reduced mobility. The researchers suspect the combination of weight gain and a loosening of ligaments is most likely to blame for the prevalence of sacroiliac dysfunction among expectant mothers. Osteopaths are trained to treat you if you have this this condition with spinal manipulative therapy.
International Journal of Gynecology Obstetrics, June 2018

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