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What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Every year, thousands of people make doctor visits related to shoulder/upper arm pain. After neck and back pain, shoulder pain is one of the top reason’s patients seek Osteopathic care. So, why are shoulder injuries so widespread?

There are many feasible reasons that address this query, there’s a simple answer:

Anatomy. There are essentially three joints that make up the shoulder:

1) scapulothoracic joint

2) the glenohumeral joint

3) the acromioclavicular joint

These joints work concurrently and in coherence to complete many tasks we throw at our upper extremities from swinging a golf club to lifting weights, to reaching up to hang new wallpaper. The overall structure of the shoulder favours flexibility over stability and as a result, there is a larger possibility for injury. What can we do to prevent shoulder injuries?

Perhaps the most essential approach is to think before you act; that is, don’t take pointless chances like over-lifting in particularly problematic positions, ask someone else for help instead. Keep yourself in good condition, interestingly keeping a strong core is linked to healthy shoulder joints.

Most common shoulder ailments include (but are not limited to): inflammation (bursitis and tendinitis), instability (“sloppy” joints), arthritis (bone/cartilage injury/wear), fracture, and nerve injuries. Injuries can be acute (from an obvious cause) or more commonly, they can be chronic from wear and tear and can occur progressively over time (from no obvious, single cause).

It’s essential to appreciate that a shoulder disorder may be the end result of dysfunction throughout the body, just as a knee problem can place added stress on the hip (or vice versa). So, with a view to creating a successful treatment plan, your Osteopath may identify and treat conditions somewhere else within the body, that likely contribute to your shoulder pain disorder. Your Osteopath may also recommend certain food or vitamins/supplements with the aim of reducing inflammation, order to promote a faster recovery.

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