Sleep and Osteopathic Care

Sleep and Osteopathic Care

It is estimated that around 17% of us have a sleep disorder. Bad sleep patterns are associated with several adverse health outcomes, including an elevated risk for musculoskeletal pain.

Whilst the precise mechanisms are not completely understood, the current research proposes that the relationship between musculoskeletal pain and sleep disturbance is a two-way thing. In that, individuals with a sleep disorder are more inclined to develop an issue requiring Osteopathic treatment, moreover people with pain are more likely to have trouble sleeping.

Osteopathic treatment has been researched in many areas around the world where sleep deprivation is prevalent —particularly in patients with fibromyalgia, a condition characterised by insomnia, tiredness and pain in several areas throughout the body. A study published in 2000 stated that fibromyalgia patients who received 30 Osteopathic treatments, experienced sizeable improvements with respect to pain intensity, exhaustion and sleep quality.

In a systematic review, researchers identified 15 studies that connected Osteopathic care with benefits for patients with insomnia. For low back pain and neck pain, which are two of the most common sleep interfering chronic conditions, Osteopathic management not only aids this but it is recommended worldwide, as a guideline for first levels of treatment.

Osteopathy offers the following to help with sleeping difficulties:

Manual therapies such as mobilisation and manipulation
• Soft-tissue work that helps relax the nervous system
• Nutritional approaches
• Weight management (obesity is a risk factor for insomnia)
• Education on sleeping position, napping, relaxation methods (breathing exercises, mindful meditation), no “screen-time” prior to bed, pillow placement and size, and more

KEY TAKEAWAY: Osteopathic care helps manage pain arising from a variety of conditions. Sleep is necessary to avoid chronic, disabling conditions (like FM) and maintain a high quality of life, so seek osteopathic care and do your best to help yourself sleep well every night! If you feel you would like further advice contact us at whereby you can book online.

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