Shoulder Pain

Treatment and recovery from Shoulder Pain

Osteopaths are known to treat back and spine problems including back pain and neck pain. Osteopathic care, however, can also be extremely beneficial in the treatment of pain related to the shoulders and extremities. Our Osteopath practices across Glasgow and Ayrshire offer a range of recovery options, when it comes to treating shoulder pain and relieving shoulder pain.

Some of the most prevalent types of shoulder pain are:

Frozen shoulder is an exceptionally painful condition that patients who come to our Osteopathic clinics face. It can also be debilitating and disabling, as well as being very painful. Ordinary things such as putting on a shirt or even brushing your hair can be a hardship. It can also lead to insomnia and sleep disturbance. Frozen shoulder pain can continue for years without proper therapy and intervention.

Many cases of frozen shoulder (as well as general shoulder pain) are due to an upper back (thoracic spine) and/or lower neck inflammation of the nerves. Osteopathic care can be highly effective for treating shoulder pain and relieving shoulder pain, because shoulder pain has its roots in the back and spinal region.

Our Osteopaths are well versed in a number of techniques for effective treatment of pain in the shoulder and relief of pain in the legs. There is often a first rib problems/irritation at the root of a frozen shoulder and many other forms of shoulder pain.

Treating pain in the shoulder

With your particular shoulder problem, the Osteopath should begin with a tailored evaluation and assessment of where the pain point begins. Shoulder pain is usually caused by inflammation of the nerves, tendons, muscles, ligaments or capsule area.

In some cases, the problem is located near the acromioclavicular joint or on the cervical spine. To make an accurate diagnosis, these areas will all be carefully reviewed. There may also be involvement of the triceps muscle located in the upper arm, as well as the subscapularis muscle under the shoulder blade. Once the exact physical cause is diagnosed, therapy for shoulder pain will continue. Although recovery should begin after the first adjustment, it may take a series of Osteopathic adjustments to help resolve the shoulder pain problem completely.

Count On Your Osteopath To Relieve Shoulder Pain

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