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Why an Osteopath Recommends Multiple Visits

Patients always ask why I prescribe multiple visits early on in their care plan as an Osteopath. Why? Long term results, that’s why. At Cram Osteopaths based in Glasgow and Ayr, we seek to provide a thorough solution for our patients. As a minimum 6-10 visits are required for low back (mechanical) pain, for example, to be resolved.

However, according to a retrospective, open label, randomised controlled trial conducted in The Spine Journal, twelve sessions of spinal manipulation were found to provide the best treatment outcomes in the osteopathic management of chronic low back pain with spinal manipulation.

“Our fastidious randomised control trial shows that 12 sessions of spinal manipulation over 6 weeks for uncomplicated chronic low back pain is a reasonable care option,” said lead author Mitchell Haas, DC, Center for Outcomes Studies, University of Western States, Portland, OR.

The research was designed to evaluate the optimal number of spinal manipulation sessions required to provide the most effective treatment with the best outcomes, variables that are of concern to patients, providers, payers and policy makers, Dr. Haas said.

So Why Should an Osteopath Suggest Continual Treatments?

Well, the fact is that the “medicine” for an Osteopath is primarily given by the musculoskeletal system adjustments (MSK)-that is, the muscles, joints, related tissues and their interaction with other body systems. For a new patient, especially one who has never seen an Osteopath, it may take a number of those changes to achieve the required degree of correction of their misalignment(s).  The Osteopath discusses the root cause of the patient’s distress, as opposed to treating just the pain symptoms that caused them to seek treatment. As others have learned before going to an Osteopath, medication can hide the problem for a while but it doesn’t cure it. This is where the Osteopath excels in the treatment of biomechanical instability.

Ongoing treatment may be necessary for degenerative conditions as we age. This is to prevent and slow down the spinal and other joints becoming permanently compromised.

To keep your body health in good condition, maintenance treatment can stop problem areas becoming painful, to allow your body to do the things it wants to do like sports, gardening or lifting up grandchildren!

The Effect of An Osteopathic Treatment Course Is Cumulative

Pain is not the real problem but a warning sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. People are used to taking a pill when they try to get immediate relief for this or that ache. However, if the pain begins to return it will become obvious that those drugs are not the answer. It is there that Osteopathy will help.

When you wonder why an Osteopath suggests multiple visits, remember how many total pills you took (and for how long) before you decided to try an alternative treatment for health? You can be pretty well confident that when everything is said and done, the amount of Osteopath visits and the length of treatment needed to correct the problem will be far less.

Additionally, I also recommend that patients come in for check-ups from time to time, the goal being to diagnose and treat complications emerging before they become painful again. The Osteopath only wants to give their patients spines for example, which cannot be replaced, as much care and attention as they give their teeth, which can be.

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