Live Online Consultations

Online Video Telehealth Consultation for New and Existing Patients 🙂

Due to the recent Covid-19 Pandemic and UK lockdown we are adapting.

We are now offering ‘Live Online Consultations’ please book here or at the bottom of this page. We look forward to helping you soon.

Consultation Includes: 

Case history

We will need you to tell us all about your symptoms and your past medical history. We will then ask you some specific questions to help us.


We will then need to examine the area and related areas that are causing your symptoms. We will ask you to perform some simple movements. We may then ask you to carry out some specific tests to help with our diagnosis.


We will advise you of our working diagnosis which is likely causing your discomfort with any differential diagnosis if it isn’t quite clear at this stage. Sometimes with extremely acute pain common conditions can be very similar. We may refer you on to emergency care if you require it.

Self Help Advice & Treatment

Propose a necessary treatment plan along with providing some specific advice on what to expect. We will advise on what you can do to speed up your recovery and reduce your symptoms. We may encourage you to do some specific exercises at this stage along with hydrotherapy, nutrition, ergonomic and other self help advice.

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