Increase Your Lifespan with Walking

Many studies in recent decades have reported early-death risk factors such as decreased cardio-respiratory function (CRF), hypertension, smoking, diabetes, cardiac disease, pulmonary disease, etc. Bad CRF appears to be the leading risk factor for early death, of all the causes listed. If CRF is so essential can walking help? If so, how many steps does it actually take for us to live longer and better?

Experts have recommended taking 10,000 steps a day for years in order to lead a long and safe life, but there is not any evidence to support the argument. A 2019 report analysed how many measures a sample of 18,289 elderly women took during a seven-day stretch, and correlated the data four years later with their health outcomes. The researchers linked a decreased chance of death with more steps being taken per day, up to around 7,500 steps a day. Those doing 8,400 steps a day were 58 percent less likely to die over the duration of the study compared to people taking 2,700 steps per day.

Studies compared average step count data gathered between 2003-2006 with health results a decade later in a related study affecting 4,840 middle-aged people, and found a correlation between steps taken every day and a decreased risk of early death.

Neither study concluded that a level of fast or slow walking played a part in the total risk of mortality. Several research, however, have linked a faster walking pace to improved cognitive function and decreased disability risk. Thirteen-year research comparing running club participants with those who didn’t run showed that people who jogged frequently were less likely to suffer physical injury or premature death.

Such research indicates walking and moving the body will boost cardiovascular health and reduce early mortality risk. Staying healthy can also be correlated with a higher quality of life. Certain methods of prolonging longevity include limiting heavy intake of alcohol, not smoking, retaining body weight, preserving / building muscle mass and a balanced diet. If you experience musculoskeletal pain that interferes with your everyday life, contact Cram Osteopaths as soon as possible, so you can restore your normal pain-free activities.

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