Neck Pain

Neck Pain in Office Staff

Neck discomfort is the second most common reason patients seek Osteopath treatment, and it’s an issue with office staff in particular. One study estimated that neck pain affects 42-69% of those who work in office environments. Many such individuals will experience recurring episodes of neck pain, and can develop chronic, ongoing neck pain in at least one in six. While Osteopathy offers a safe and effective way of managing neck pain, there are many first steps that an office worker can take to reduce the risk of neck pain.

Taking a daily walk can be a successful technique for avoiding neck pain according to one study. In the report, which in the previous three months included 387 office employees without spinal symptoms, researchers asked participants to wear a pedometer and note any signs of spinal pain during the next year.

16 per cent of the 367 participants that completed the study reported the onset of neck pain. The results showed that for every 1,000 steps a participant averaged each day, their risk for neck pain fell by 14 percent. The researchers concluded that increasing daily walking steps protect those who work sedentary jobs from the onset of neck pain and managers should formulate and test strategies to encourage walking, to reduce the incidence of neck pain among employees.

What about other ways of doing exercise? A meta-analysis of data from two randomised control trials involving more than 500 participants showed moderate-quality evidence that taking part in a workplace exercise programme can reduce the risk of developing a new episode of neck pain by up to 68 percent. Participants completed stretching and mobility testing twice a day at work and twice a day at home during the first exercise. The second trial included a mix of strength, stability, aerobic, and body awareness activities that included three days a week, over a nine-month time span, health details, ergonomic training and stress reduction training.

While a condition such as neck pain cannot be completely avoided, the evidence suggests that regularly engaging in physical activity may substantially lower the risk. It is important to receive Osteopathic treatment as soon as possible for those who experience neck pain, which can lead to quicker symptom relief and minimise the risk of recurrence of neck pain and chronic neck pain.

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