Plantar Fasciitis treatment in Glasgow & Ayrshire


Hello, it’s Michael Brown from Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow, and today I wanted to talk to you about plantar fasciitis. If plantar fasciitis, or heel pain, has been plaguing you over the last year and you’ve missed out on the things that you enjoy, long dog walks, hillwalking, playing with your children, or grandchildren, golf, then it’s important that you’re listening to this information. That there’s a way out of this, but it needs to start now. And the reason for that, if you want to enjoy all the outdoor activities when level four or tier four is lifted, then the process needs to begin soon.

It’s when the good weather comes back in April and May, if you’ve put in the hard work with the plantar fasciitis programme over that period of time, then you’ll be able to enjoy all these things again. Now, the reason for that is that it’s only so fast that your body can heal. And there’s only so much that we can do. The long-term biological effects of what we do in the practise with Shockwave Therapy are long lasting and will last you for many years to come.

However, it’s not a quick fix. So if we start now, we get you through the programme, that when the good weather comes back, when we’re allowed to do all the things that we want to do again, which it will come, hopefully, not too far away, that you will be there, ready to enjoy them. So I would like you to download our free information pack. You’ll be able to find that on the link on this post. Download it, read the information around the Shockwave Therapy and the programme that we offer at the practise. And please get in contact with us and we look forward to helping you soon and to make 2021 a pain-free year for you. Learn more here