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Back Pain Treatment Review in Glasgow


My name’s Sheila and I’m from Auchinleck and I am retired and I was a designer and I spent a lot of my life looking after sick people. So I’ve used Osteopathy very much in my life and it’s been a saviour for me really. I’m 71 now and I’m busy moving concrete slabs, with Joanna’s help and I’m feeling much better from just a few sessions here but I plan to continue to try and keep it up, but I’m very happy with the service I’ve received. I would certainly say to anyone who had problems with their back as many people do to come to Cram because I also took my husband there several years back and he was very disabled and they made a big difference too. They made a difference to me so I very happily recommend Joanna and her colleagues to anyone with back problems.


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Bursitis relief in Glasgow


Hi, my name’s Julie, I’m 43 and I’m from Glasgow. It was due to working from home from long hours. I had severe back pain and I had bursitis and I found it difficult to do every day things. So I sought to come to Cram Osteopaths. I found it very, very relaxing, very welcoming and I really, really appreciated the amount of information that I was provided with before my visit. I would say there is a big cost implication, but it’s really worth it. It’s took me a few months to get myself better, and the amount of advice over and above the treatment is well worth it and don’t suffer in pain.

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Here’s what Duncan had to say after he visited Cram Osteopaths

Hello, I’m Duncan. I’m a small business director from Falkirk. Mostly pain, but also my mother came to see your long time ago and recommended you. Very pleasant, and also very different! As a family business ourselves, we recognise when our customers have a good experience. So, the experience that I enjoyed here was something similar to what I would like to provide for my customers. I would say definitely go. It’s absolutely worth it. All they do is help you.

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Here’s what Dillon had to say about Cram Osteopaths


My name is Dillon, and I am from Loans near Troon. My occupation is a plaster. Basically, I’ve been plastering nearly all my life, and I’ve been having lots of aches and pains. So I’ve actually ignored it for a good few years. So I was recommended to see an Osteopath. First experience after the first session I actually felt fantastic. Went back to work. Couple of days of stiffness, but after that, I see a lot of difference so far. I would definitely recommend you to a friend.

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