Why is my shoulder sore?

Hello. It’s Michael Brown from Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow.

Today I wanted to talk to you all about shoulder pain and one of the tests that we use to try and be specific with our diagnosis of what’s causing the pain in your shoulder.
One of these tests is known as the Apley Scratch Test. What will happen is that on the shoulder that is sore and you’re finding difficult to move, you will find trying to get a hand as if you were to scratch your back difficult on the symptomatic side.

On the good side if you just place your hand behind your back, you should be able to reach fairly high up the back. I usually mark the thumb with a finger. Now Bradley has got a sore shoulder and this one he’s going to bring it round again in the same movement for me. As you can see on his right arm, he cannot get it as high as his left hand. So this would be a positive Apley Scratch Test.

Now, if you try this test on yourself at home, or if you’ve been suffering to put your bra on, or get your jacket on then it is probably positive on that side for the Apley Scratch Test, and this is something you should definitely seek treatment for.

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