Jaw Grinding Advice

Hi It’s Joanna and Anina from Cram Osteopaths, we are going to talk today about the jaw also known as the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
It’s something that we see lots of in the clinic. It usually presents alongside neck pain or headaches, and also grinding of the jaw or bruxism, as some people may call it. Which can affect sleep and cause you to wake up with real tension around the jaw, the neck and head.
If you’re suffering from any of these then please get in touch and it’s worth coming in and having an assessment and we can get you feeling much better.
One of the things you can do in the meantime, to help yourself is some simple exercises to try and release some of that jaw tension. I’m going to describe to Anina the exercise and she’s going to show you how you do them. It’s lots of fun as you get to make lots of silly faces.
So for the first exercise, I’m going to get Anina to pop her index finger on her chin groove and open her mouth really nice and wide and pop her tongue up to the roof of her mouth. The wider your mouth is open the more the stretch comes down the front of the face, it’s just a nice, gentle stretch.
If you have a lot of tension you probably will feel this quite strongly.
The other ones are doing exaggerated mouth openings and closings. So if you give a really big exaggerated yawn, and then close and clench the teeth together and we can see all the muscles working around the jaw and the neck. Finally, a little bit of self massage, where you take the pads of the fingers and massage in circular motions, just at the top of the jaw where you feel the bone in front of the ear. We can do five forward circles and five backward circles. If it’s particularly tender, you can use a gentle heat pad or a gentle ice pack, but that should certainly help ease some of the tension.
However it wont get rid of the problem, if you have an actual issue with the joints in the neck or the joints in the Temporomandibular joint, so please get in touch and we can help you get feeling back to your normal self as soon as possible.