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What can Help Treat Migraines? (part 2)

Hi, it’s Joanna from Cram Osteopaths. Last week, we posted a video about how to treat migraines and how Osteopathic treatment can considerably help relieve some of the symptoms associated with migraines, such as tight neck, headaches, tight shoulders, and jaw pain and often we get really good results with that. However, there are some cases where somebody with really chronic migraines has some other issues such as wear and tear on their cervical spinal joints (the neck joints) and just isn’t reaching their goals that they’ve come to see us for. That is when we consider moving on to the next option, which is our fabulous IDD machine that you see behind me here, who we’ve affectionately nicknamed, Big Bertha.

I’m aware the machine itself can look a little bit intimidating, but actually it’s a very comfortable treatment. The patient lies on the table and the table goes flat. We then create a traction through the specific joints and the neck. By having an MRI scan ahead of starting treatment, we know which segments may be causing compression and exacerbating the symptoms of neck pain, headaches and migraines, so that we can treat the specific joint.

We are really excited to offer this treatment at Cram Osteopaths. In due course, we will show you a patient having a full treatment on the IDD machine. But if this is you and you’ve tried everything else and you want to explore the next thing that you can do, that’s non-invasive, not involving surgery or injections, then please get in touch with us pick up the phone and give us a call and one of our osteopaths will call you back and we can discuss whether IDD therapy might well be the right choice for you to finally tackle these chronic migraines.

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What can Help Treat Migraines

Hi, I’m Joanna from Cram Osteopaths. I wanted to post a video today to talk about headaches and migraines. This is something that we see absolutely tons of in clinic. If you’re a migraine sufferer, it may be that you’re getting auras, flashing lights or colours that warn you that a migraine is coming on. It may be really disrupting your life and causing you to have to leave work early or stop work altogether for a couple of days in really severe cases.

It can be a very difficult condition and often people feel that the only solution is to keep taking the medicine each time they feel that migraine coming, but the good news is that we have lots of success at Cram Osteopaths with helping migraine sufferers, reduce the severity of the migraines and the frequency by using nice, gentle osteopathic treatment to release the tension around the upper back, the neck joints, the shoulders, the jaw, and the cranium. This treatment can involve mobilisations and gentle osteopathic adjustments where you may hear some clicking and popping, as long as it’s appropriate for that patient. We would talk through all of that beforehand and usually a short course of treatment is enough to begin to make a change and then do reviews moving forward.

So if you are suffering with migraines and it’s something you’ve had for years, and you feel like you’re running out of options, please do get in touch with us at Cram Osteopaths and let us have a look at you. Let us assess it and have a good discussion about what we can do going forward. Put a treatment plan together and look at all the different treatment options.

In my next video we’ll talk about those that maybe haven’t responded to manual treatment, they’ve maybe tried everything else before and we will talk about what else we can offer at Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow.

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Shoulder Tension Exercise, Squeeze to Ease

Hi, it’s Joanna from Cram Osteopaths and this week it is International Stress Awareness week. We are focusing on things to help people suffering with stress that can also affect the postural muscles, which we see all the time in the clinic. It’s definitely a factor in almost everybody’s back pain journey.

One of the easiest ways to tackle the tension around the shoulders and neck is with some very simple exercises. This is one that my patients will know well and it’s definitely worth trying at home. Obviously, if you have ongoing issues and you need to come in and see us, these will not be the fix, but start with these and then pick up the phone and give us a call.

To do these exercises, we clasp our hands together and just place them on our laps, then we’re going to take the shoulders and squeeze them as tight as we can to try and touch the ear lobes.
Really going nice and tight till you feel you can’t squeeze anymore then lowering them back down and pushing down. I would usually do this three times in a row. It can help to close your eyes whilst you do it and that will help you focus on really stretching and relaxing the muscles. Three shrugs up and down, and then we can follow that by 10 backward rolls. Keeping the hands clasped, we’re just going to roll the shoulders backwards. I usually tell patients to imagine you have a pen sticking out of your shoulder and you’re drawing a backwards circle. 10 nice slow backwards rolls. Really easy three and 10, and try to do it throughout your working day,

Even if you’re not working maybe every time the kettles boiling or during the adverts of your favorite program just something to make it simple, but really any time you start to feel that tension building rather than pushing the neck around or trying to loosen off the joints, go with the stretches first and see if that eases it.

As I said before, if not, pick up the phone, give us a call or book online and we’ll get you feeling much better soon.

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