What can Help Treat Migraines? (part 2)

Hi, it’s Joanna from Cram Osteopaths. Last week, we posted a video about how to treat migraines and how Osteopathic treatment can considerably help relieve some of the symptoms associated with migraines, such as tight neck, headaches, tight shoulders, and jaw pain and often we get really good results with that. However, there are some cases where somebody with really chronic migraines has some other issues such as wear and tear on their cervical spinal joints (the neck joints) and just isn’t reaching their goals that they’ve come to see us for. That is when we consider moving on to the next option, which is our fabulous IDD machine that you see behind me here, who we’ve affectionately nicknamed, Big Bertha.

I’m aware the machine itself can look a little bit intimidating, but actually it’s a very comfortable treatment. The patient lies on the table and the table goes flat. We then create a traction through the specific joints and the neck. By having an MRI scan ahead of starting treatment, we know which segments may be causing compression and exacerbating the symptoms of neck pain, headaches and migraines, so that we can treat the specific joint.

We are really excited to offer this treatment at Cram Osteopaths. In due course, we will show you a patient having a full treatment on the IDD machine. But if this is you and you’ve tried everything else and you want to explore the next thing that you can do, that’s non-invasive, not involving surgery or injections, then please get in touch with us pick up the phone and give us a call and one of our osteopaths will call you back and we can discuss whether IDD therapy might well be the right choice for you to finally tackle these chronic migraines.