How to avoid Neck pain at Christmas?


Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow and another Christmas injury that we see at this time of year, this one happens on the worst day possible. This usually happens on Christmas day and it’s called the Turkey neck. What usually happens is you’ve had a really lovely day, you’re filled up with Turkey or nut roast, or cheese and you sit down after you’ve had your meal with your family.
You put your feet up, you’ve been working hard, serving everyone all day and you think I’ll have a snooze and you do something like this and this is called Turkey neck. So you sit like that and you sleep for maybe 15, 20 minutes or an hour later, you wake up and you’re in this position, no support. You wake up and ouch, that’s your neck in agony. Okay. So I thought about how you avoid Turkey neck, a Christmas injury, and maybe go and have a lie down instead of sitting up in a chair and potentially hurting yourself.
So beware Christmas injuries, there’s injury everywhere. Good luck.