Sore back at Christmas time?

Hello. It’s Michael Brown from Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow and I was sent a picture of brussel sprouts on a stalk recently and it reminded me of something that we see in the trade magazines. It looks like a back massager or one of those back massage sticks that you can get.

So I thought about it and we’ve got one of these and I want to see if this works. If you’re suffering with back pain on Christmas day and you really want to participate, but you’re struggling, I think I’ve got something that can help.

So you take your brussel sprout/back massager, you place it on the floor. You get down onto the ground to do your back stretches and your job is to try and get all of the brussel sprouts off. It feels brilliant. Actually roll side to side, to help with the muscles in your back, and then you can change it around. I think what we’re going to do is use the foam rolling technique that you can use on your back. I’m going to try up and down.

So now you can still help out on Christmas day with your brussel sprout/back massager. Perfect present as well, for someone suffering with back pain at Christmas and I’m off to make some coleslaw, or something with these brussels sprouts. Enjoy.