How to sit at your desk correctly


Hi, Joanna from Cram Osteopaths. We are posting today about posture at work now that everybody is going back to work after the Christmas and new year break. We’re already starting to see people coming in with lots of tension through the neck and the upper back and just slipping back into bad habits with how they sit at their desk.


If you are working all day at the computer, ideally you should have a separate keyboard and screen. Your desktop toolbar should be at eye level and if we sit right back into our chair and stretch our arms out, our fingertips should touch the screen. For your chair height, you want to make sure that you are high enough that you have a nice angle slightly downwards from the elbow onto the keyboard. The main thing to be aware of is to use the backrest of your chair. Sit right back into your chair, that’s what it’s there for and then make sure your feet are completely flat on the ground. If your feet cannot touch the ground because your leg length is too short, then put a box underneath your feet, so that they can be flat on the box.  We should have a nice parallel angle or a slight downward angle to the floor with your legs. 

If you start to get tension in the neck and the shoulders after a few hours, we usually recommend trying to get up from the desk every half hour, or even just getting up and stretching the arms above your head just to get the blood flowing.  If after doing that, you’re still feeling lots of tension,  go through some basic moves, shoulder squeezes and rolling the shoulders backwards as well.

What not to do is to keep trying to self pop the neck, that is usually what will end up causing an injury and you’ll need to be in here sooner than what you might like.  Remember to keep loosening off the muscles and joints and making sure your desk set up is as neutral as possible.

If you’re still suffering with pain though, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Cram Osteopaths. You can give us a call or book online and one of our excellent Osteopaths will have you out of pain very quickly.