Can Osteopathy help treat foot pain?

Hi, it’s Joanna from Cram osteopaths. This week is national feet week. I have my foot model here and I thought I would tell you how osteopaths can help with feet and how we do much more than just necks and spine pain, which is normally what people would associate osteopathy with.
The most common conditions that we might see with the feet would include plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, and also sciatic pain. I’m going to quickly talk through these conditions and how they can present themselves. If you are getting any of these symptoms then please book in to see us, so we can start to help you.
With plantar fasciitis you may experience pain coming under the heel bone and into the base of the foot and get a burning pain that can be worse first thing in the morning when you first step onto the foot but can ease with movement. If this has been happening to you and it hasn’t resolved within a month or so it’s worth coming in and seeing if we can get you feeling a lot better using a variety of treatments that we offer at Cram osteopaths. It may be hands-on treatment or shockwave, but we can discuss a treatment plan at your first appointment.
The other thing we see lots of is Morton’s neuroma. Mortons neuroma is usually a buildup of inflammation around a nerve between the toes and can cause a deep burning pain and sometimes a numbness between the toes, usually affecting the third and fourth toe but it can vary. This one usually worsens the more that you put weight on it and can really begin to affect the way you walk and with Morton’s neuroma there’s a variety of treatment options to help.
Sometimes the foot pain is not related directly to the foot, but coming from the spine and the classic one for that would be sciatic pain. When the sciatic nerve is inflamed due to a disc compression or a bony compression, or a muscle spasming over the nerve. What we get is referred sciatic pain that comes down the back of the heel and under the big toe. It can also come over the side of the foot, over the forefoot and into the toes at the front.
So if you’re getting numbness and tingling in your foot and you’re not sure if it’s coming from your back or your foot, the best thing is to get in touch to book an appointment and one of our fabulous osteopaths will soon have you feeling a lot better
Happy National Feet week. Hope they’re not tickly.