What is a neck adjustment?

Hi Joanna here from Cram Osteopaths. I’m just giving Michael, who is my other half at the clinic, a little bit of neck treatment and we thought we would just go through it and show you what’s involved. Right now we’re just doing a nice bit of gentle articulation or movement of the neck joints.
This is usually a nice, comfortable technique, sometimes if someone is quite sore, there might be a little bit of discomfort but perfectly tolerable and we always say at this clinic let us know if you’re uncomfortable and we’ll change what we’re doing.
The next thing that we often will add in is a bit of gentle traction or stretching just to allow the relaxation of the neck muscles and all the other structures within the neck. Then the one that most people are worried about is neck manipulation. Before you have neck manipulation we make sure that you’re physically fit to have it in the clinic, but it’s nothing as scary as what people think.
We’ll just show you a quick neck manipulation on Michael. All it involves is bringing the head into a particular angle, we’re trying to do is keep it as comfortable as possible. So if the patient’s tense, we’ll help with that. I usually say ‘if you just focus on relaxing your head into the pillow and just let me do all the hard work here’, and that’s manipulation that’s into the left rotation and then we’ll come round and have a little look at the other side.
So same thing again we’re just going to go into a right rotation and that’s us there. A little bit of a stretch and usually for the neck that’s ample we would then go down and probably work through shoulders and upper back to do a more complete treatment. But hopefully that demystifies what happens when you come in to see an osteopath and how non-eventful a neck manipulation can be.
We’ll see you soon in the clinic.