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How can I avoid texters neck?

Hello Joanna from Cram osteopaths calling all people that are addicted to their phone. Number one posture you see in any social setting is people sitting looking at their phones and having a horrible curve at the back of the neck. If you asked me, ‘is using your phone bad for your neck?’ The short answer is, ‘of course’ it’s not a good posture to sit in. But how can we avoid it when we rely so much on our phones? So there’s a couple of things you can do. One is if you’re just reading on the phone, try to have it at eye level. If it’s a quick text, just bring it out in front of you. If you find that difficult and you’re wanting to read a body of text. You can get a pop socket which fits onto the back of the phone. It’s a circular disc and it’s a nice easy way to hold your phone, it can also help to reduce wrist strain. If you’re using an iPad at home and you’re watching TV and also reading on the iPad a few cushions on the lap placing the iPad slightly higher up. You will still be looking down, but not at such a severe angle. Be careful though, especially if you spend an hour like that. There is risk of injury such as soft tissue damage, disc damage and also irritation of all of these small joints that we have in the neck.
So frequent breaks from using the phone and watching your posture and hopefully that will keep you right. If you are suffering with neck pain and you’re not sure whether it’s related to looking at flat screens too much or not then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our lovely osteopaths will take good care of you.

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What to expect at an osteopath appointment

If you’ve never been to see an osteopath before you might wonder what to expect when you’re visiting us. 

Everyone’s treatment is individual to each patients needs, however here is a short video showing you the types of treatment you might have when you come in to see us a Cram osteopaths.

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April is IBS awareness month

Hi, it’s Joanna from Cram osteopaths and this month it is IBS awareness month, and this might be something that most of your thinking, ‘IBS what’s that got to do with osteopaths and osteopathic treatment’.
IBS for those of you who don’t know is irritable bowel syndrome, which covers a wide array of symptoms, but generally people with IBS will suffer with stomach bloating or abdominal bloating and cramps, and also have a variety of issues such as constipation or diarrhea and a feeling of really just not feeling at their best. People coming to us may not initially present with IBS, but interestingly, a lot of people with IBS may also have some back pain and often they find that as their backs resolve with good osteopathic treatment, some of their symptoms become much more manageable with their IBS.
Furthermore, as Osteopaths, we don’t just look at the back. We also can look at what’s going on at the front of the body. So it may be that we actually do a little bit of movement through the abdomen and the underlying organs in the abdomen. That might involve some gentle articulation or movement or mobilization of the various organs. Some of the things, again that may present as typical IBS also may actually be shadowing what could be a colitis, crohn’s, celiacs or diverticulitis, and your osteopath will make sure that they are looking out for these.
So yes, IBS and osteopathy is definitely something we see lots of in clinics. If you’re a patient of ours and you haven’t mentioned to us that you’re suffering then let’s chat about it.
If you’re thinking about seeing an osteopath for relief of some of these IBS symptoms, get yourself booked in and one of our osteopaths will take really good care of you.

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