How many steps should I do a day?

Hello, it’s Joanna from Cram osteopaths. This month of May is national walking month. So we’re encouraging you all to get out there and get a bit more active, especially now the weather should be brightening up and it will be a wee bit easier to get a daily walk in. We get asked all the time, how many steps should I do in a day? Everybody bounces about this idea of 10,000 steps a day and I would like to debunk that myth because I think it’s entirely relative to each individual, how many steps we should do.
The first advice is to get yourself a handy pedometer. I have one attached in my pocket, I got this on Amazon for £19.99, or you can do it on your phone or if you’ve got an apple watch, some people do it with certain technological rings. Once you’ve done that, what you can do is monitor over a week, what your average step count total is. For some people that may be 10,000, but for other people, it may be as low as 1000 or 2000 and then you want to set an achievable goal where maybe you do an extra 1000 steps a day for the first week, if you feel like you’re managing that quite well, you then increase that to an extra 2000 steps per week until you get to whatever your end goal might be. So if you start today, as I’m doing Tuesday and say, I really want to do 10,000 steps a day. You gradually build up to that and you don’t suddenly expect yourself to do 10,000. Cause believe me, you may do it for the first four days and then you’ll fall flat on your face, cause you’ll be knackered and you’re not enjoying it, then you go into that downward spiral. So we start slow, we gradually build up until we reach our goal and then we keep that steady goal, but definitely walking is one of the best exercises we can do for the whole body and for mental wellbeing as well. So we really encourage you all to get out and start a new habit this week.