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low back pain - sciatica

How is Sciatica Diagnosed?

Sciatica, pain in the leg, can be absolutely terrifying when you have it. It really is  a terrible condition to have. If you have Sciatica, one of the causes can be from your discs. A disc bulge, prolapse or herniation, sometimes these words get used interchangeably, but they do mean different things.


One of the tests that we use to see if the pain is originating from one of the discs in your back is called the (SLR) straight leg raise test.


So the affected leg in this case, is Bradley’s right leg. We take it underneath the heel and we lift the leg in a straight leg raise. At this point with raging sciatica or problems with your disc, patients experience an awful lot of pain down the leg.


 Bradley’s not acting very well at the moment…. but this would cause a huge amount of discomfort in a patient with a disc herniation. 


So if you’re at home right now and you’re suffering with sciatica, and this test is positive, causing pain down the back of the leg into the toes, if it causes pins and needles or numbness it is possible that the pain is originating from the disc.


If you’re suffering with pain like this, please get in touch with us. 


There are a number of treatment options available to you, and we’d be delighted to help.

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Cancellation Policy

Don’t Slow Your Progress By Missing Valuable Treatment Appointments 

At Cram Osteopaths, we take your treatment plan very seriously and need you to commit to your  planned appointments to ensure you achieve your recovery goals.  

A cancelled or missed appointment not only wastes our Osteopath’s valuable time, but it may also prevent a patient in pain and in need of help from accessing treatment.

We require at least 24 hours’ notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you fail to attend, forget your appointment, arrive more than 20 minutes late or cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to the full consultation. 

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Live Online Consultations

Online Video Telehealth Consultation for New and Existing Patients 🙂

Due to the recent Covid-19 Pandemic and UK lockdown we are adapting.

We are now offering ‘Live Online Consultations’ please book here or at the bottom of this page. We look forward to helping you soon.

Consultation Includes: 

Case history

We will need you to tell us all about your symptoms and your past medical history. We will then ask you some specific questions to help us.


We will then need to examine the area and related areas that are causing your symptoms. We will ask you to perform some simple movements. We may then ask you to carry out some specific tests to help with our diagnosis.


We will advise you of our working diagnosis which is likely causing your discomfort with any differential diagnosis if it isn’t quite clear at this stage. Sometimes with extremely acute pain common conditions can be very similar. We may refer you on to emergency care if you require it.

Self Help Advice & Treatment

Propose a necessary treatment plan along with providing some specific advice on what to expect. We will advise on what you can do to speed up your recovery and reduce your symptoms. We may encourage you to do some specific exercises at this stage along with hydrotherapy, nutrition, ergonomic and other self help advice.

Book Your Online Appointment Here 


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Osteopath Glasgow

COVID-19 Updates from Cram Osteopaths

Appointments Available 🙂 We are OPEN

Our Glasgow, Muirhead and Ayr practices are accepting appointments. Appointments will continue in line with governing guidance and law. You may use your appointment confirmation message as eligibility to travel to your appointment with us.

We have adapted some of our working practices; a copy of our policy can be found here. Practice Procedures in Relation to Covid-19 update

All available appointments are now available to book online and by calling 0141 339 0894

If you would like to contact either of us directly we would be delighted to hear from you.

Michael –

Joanna –

We hope you have remained well in mind and body throughout this time and we look forward to seeing you soon. Please keep in touch with us on our Facebook Page (Cram Osteopaths), and keep check on our website.

At 1:00pm 26th March Statutory Instrument* came into force (in other words, it came into law) that states:

  • osteopaths(…)specifically are allowed to remain open
  • the public are allowed to leave their home to visit an osteopath

We are grateful for being able to help so many health-conscious people in our community. Thank you for that opportunity.

Very Best,

Michael & Joanna

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back pain

Low Back Pain

Ongoing low back pain also known as chronic low back pain is a common occurrence in the world today. Statistics have suggested that low back pain has been experienced by 80% of the UK population (1).

Below we will look at some strategies to help.

In a recent study researches looked at treating 3 groups of patients with spinal manipulation (2).

1) received ‘fake’ spinal manipulation for 12 treatments

2) received spinal manipulation for 12 treatments

3) received spinal manipulation for 12 treatments and fortnightly visits of spinal manipulation for the next 9 months

Group 1 reported no relief from treatments

Groups 2 & 3 reported significant relief

Further research has determined spinal manipulation and adjustments to be safe and a successful way of treating chronic low back pain (3), 

Joanna and I regularly use Spinal Manipulation to treat low back pain. We can also provide advice on self managing your back pain which can really make a difference to your day to day life.

If you have not used osteopathic care your for symptoms. Give it a try, the evidence supports it and so do our patient reviews.

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Neck Pain Treatment – Get Rid of Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment experts predict that 20% of us will experience neck pain this year. About half of us will recover within 12 months. However, lots of us will have another episode of neck pain or their neck pain will become a chronic complaint.

There are several treatment options available to help resolve neck pain. Some are better than others. Some people with neck pain prefer different methods to other people with neck pain.

Spinal adjustments or spinal manipulation is commonly used by us to help neck pain. Neck pain treatment research indicates that spinal manipulation used alongside specific neck pain exercises is an extremely good method of treatment for many neck pain conditions.

Getting the best treatment is paramount for your quick relief and recovery time. Building good habits to prevent further neck pain is important. This will help prevent chronic neck pain and future occurrences of acute neck pain.

Joanna and I can provide you with lots of good habits and tips to help you live your life neck pain free. If your issue has a few maintaining, such as problems whilst you are sitting at your desk, you will benefit from ongoing neck pain treatment at a frequency of your choosing (4-8 weeks usually) to help maintain your spine and prevent future outbreaks.

If you have been delaying an appointment with us, you can make an appointment online. We look forward to helping you in soon.

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Back Pain

Low Back Pain and Sciatica

The stresses and strains of modern life are a big contributor to back pain and sciatica.Over 80% of people today are leading an inactive life. This gradually results in poor posture, obesity, fatigue, and back pain. One of the most common problems here is lower back pain.


Is it Just age when it comes to low back pain and sciatica….

Lower back pain can happen when you start to age. However, you can suffer from lower back pain at any age. Usually, it is a result of excess strain in the lower back or from injury and trauma. Today, there are several ways in which you can relieve lower back pain. Cram Osteopaths use spinal manipulation adjustments to relieve the discomfort. In chronic cases spinal manipulation adjustments combined with shockwave therapy reveals remarkable results. 


Everyday we do simple tasks that can set off our spines in a negative way! If we can correct these it will have a profound effect on reducing our back pain. 


Check out our tips for back pain below:


Sitting down (boo,hiss) 

Most people are not aware of the correct posture when working on a computer or laptop! Hence, it means you are sitting for long hours and causes excess stress in your low back leading to low back pain. If this effects your lower back in a severe way, this can cause back pain and sciatica. In the long term the increase stress on your low back from sitting leads to degenerative changes to your spine and more low back pain. Make it a point that you are standing and moving for 15 minutes in every hour. 


Walking is an extremely simple and effective way to help your low back pain.

When you start walking at a normal pace your back, leg and hip muscles pull your joints. This puts your body under normal loading patterns meaning they get stretched gently and begin to heal. Making sure you are getting enough movement through your low back is paramount in preventing low back pain. Walking 12000 steps a day will have you well on the road to a healthier back and help avoid low back pain.

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Back pain

Best Car Seats for Back Pain

Ford claims the new Ford Focus will give relief for back pain sufferers due to the optional comfort seats for the driver and front-seat traveller.

The seats adjust in eighteen ways to add support and comfort – earning Ford Focus the seal of approval from Aktion Gesuner Rücken e.V. (AGR), a German group movement for healthier backs.

To obtain the seal, the seat should be able to adapt to the person in their sitting position, instead of the person adapting their position to the seat. The Ford Focus is the 1st vehicle to receive AGR recognition.

To read more about back pain and car seats click here. You may also like our pages on getting help for your back pain and sciatica.

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Osteopathy – Treatment Possibility for Spinal Curvature/Scoliosis

Scoliosis affects 2-3% of youngsters age 10-16 years. A recent literature review found that manipulation, mobilisation, and soft tissue techniques can help. These treatments are ordinarily provided by Osteopaths. For this reason Osteopathy is an effective treatment to help pain and mobility in patients with Scoliosis. Michael and Joanna routinely use spinal adjustments, mobilisation and soft tissue techniques to treat scoliosis. We also advise on lifestyle modifications and home based exercise treatment so you are in very safe hands. You may also like reading our Sciatica, Back Pain, Adjustment & Scoliosis pages .
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, January 2019

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Back Pain

Back Pain With Working Long Hours

Long Work Hours Linked to Musculoskeletal Back Pain

Using data from the Fourth Korean Working Conditions Survey involving nearly 25,000 workers, researchers report that working over 40 hours a week is associated with up to a 40% increased risk for pain in men and up to a 66% elevated risk for pain in women. To learn more visit this link
Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, December 2018

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