Why do osteopaths ‘crack’ bones? What makes the ‘popping’ sound?

Osteopaths make adjustments with the aim of increasing the mobility of a joint and improving the nerve and blood supply to it, to encourage the healing process. It’s not the bones that are ‘cracking’; the popping sound in an adjustment comes from the shifting of the special lubricating fluids and gas that surround each spinal joint. The sound, if it occurs, is fascinating, but it isn’t a guide to the quality or effectiveness of an adjustment.

Spinal joints that are ‘locked up’, fixated or not moving correctly can affect your health by irritating nearby nerve tissue and creating pain in the body. Adjustments can be done using quick, accurate movements or slow constant pressure applied by your osteopath.

Many patients report an immediate sense of well-being following an osteopathic adjustment. Others feel improved mobility. Inflammation and muscle spasms may delay these positive effects, and it can be normal to feel some discomfort for the next day or two after treatment. If you are in any doubt about how you are feeling please call us.

If you are uncomfortable with having adjustments please tell your osteopath – we have many other techniques that can help you too.

Osteopaths are experts at making adjustments comfortable and effective.