Neck Pain

How to treat Neck Pain

Your neck is the most vulnerable part of your spine. It supports your 10-12lb head, permits head movement and acts a gateway between the brain and all of the spinal nerves. These serve to function your whole body.

Many everyday things can cause neck pain such as watching television, using a computer, stress, reading a book or falling asleep in a chair. The temporary pain can resolve on its own especially when the offending activity is discontinued. When the pain does not go away a more serious problem may be indicated.

Poor function of the spinal joints in the neck lead to reduced mobility, tight muscles and pain. Osteopathic care is very effective at reducing pain levels in such cases.

Degenerative changes such as bony spurs, disc thinning and spinal decay will respond more slowly to osteopathic treatment and will require ongoing supportive osteopathic care.

Will I have to have my neck ‘cracked’?

If your problem is the result of abnormal motion or positioning of the spinal bones in the neck, cervical (neck) adjustments (commonly, though incorrectly, referred to as ‘cracking bones’) can be effective and produce rapid relief of your symptoms.

If you are uncomfortable with having your neck adjusted please tell your osteopath – we have many other techniques that can help you too.