Reducing the pain from Sciatica

At Cram Osteopaths we diagnose and successfully treat sciatic pain, from degenerative wear & tear to acute sciatica from disc bulges or piriformis syndrome.

When it comes to specialist knowledge, we have over 75 Years’ experience in helping people with Sciatica, even with the most challenging pain dilemmas.

We are Scotland’s largest, independent, family run, Osteopathic clinic and are very proud of our long heritage in helping people with Sciatica. Normund Cram started our first practice in the early 1940’s. We are now the third generation – that’s me – Joanna & my husband Michael.

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Sciatica Explained

Sciatica can be a distracting pain that starts in the lower back and extends down into one or both legs. Those suffering from sciatica are often in their 40s and 50s. The pain usually worsens with long periods of sitting or standing, or bed rest. Pregnancy is another common cause of sciatic pain.

Like a large river created by smaller streams, five pairs of nerves exit the spine in the lower back to form the two sciatic nerves that run down the backs of the legs. Often the soft, pulpy disc between each spinal bone is involved as it may bulge, herniate or rupture putting pressure on the nearby nerves. This form of sciatica typically causes acute, sharp pain down one leg often accompanied by numbness or pins & needles in the leg and foot. Sciatica can also be caused by facet joint (the interlocking joints of adjacent spinal bones) compression. The pain and symptoms from this form of sciatica usually stops at the knee.

Swelling, inflammation and pain result. Pain when coughing or sneezing or with certain movements is normal.

Sciatica is often the result of cumulative damage, despite often being reported following a specific trauma or incident. Years of bad posture, poor muscle tone, excess weight or countless other causes set the stage. Then, something simple like bending over to tie your shoes can trigger an episode.

Fortunately sciatica usually responds quickly to osteopathic care. Take a look at our practice locations, you can make your appointment today

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