Slipped Disc

Do I have a slipped disc?

Separating each spinal bone, or vertebra, is a special type of soft tissue called a disc. Its fibrous outer ring contains a jelly-like material, and the soft centre serves as a pivot for joint movement. The disc cannot actually slip due to the way it is attached to the above and below vertebrae. However it can bulge, tear, herniate, thin, prolapse or dry out. A thorough osteopathic examination can help determine if the discs in the spine are the cause of your pain.

Many of us may have disc damage and do not know about it until something as simple as sneezing or tying our shoelaces leads to acute pain. Osteopathic treatment is very effective in helping your body to recover well and quickly. Most people chose to then continue their care with us, thereby avoiding any further damage and maintaining a healthy body