Trapped Nerve

Nerve Pain – Do I have a trapped nerve?

A pinched or ‘trapped’ nerve is actually very rare. It’s more likely that a spinal bone will irritate, stretch, rub or chaff a nearby nerve root.  This can then affect the messages sent between the nerve and the brain, leading to poor function and affected body tissues.

Nerve pain can feel like a tingling or pins and needles usually in one or both upper and/or lower limbs. Some people describe the feeling as a hot, burning sensation, others as a cold, freezing feeling deep in the limb.

Nerve pain usually happens due to compression between the interlocking facet joints that connect each spinal bone to the next. This can occur after trauma, such as a fall, but also with prolonged poor posture or misuse of the body. The facet joints are surrounded by protective capsules that when put under strain become inflamed and put pressure on the spinal nerves exiting in that region, creating the nerve pain.

Your osteopath will find the problematic areas of your spine and using gentle, effective techniques improve your body’s structure and function so that your pain is reduced and your mobility returns to normal.