Are you suffering from Back Pain?

Are you struggling to cope? Is it affecting your enjoyment and ability to take part in day to day activities?

Osteopathy is a highly effective treatment and cure for various causes of back pain.

Back pain is common, and can occur due to a variety of reasons. It can also be life changing, and impact your over-all ability to enjoy your life. You don’t have to accept this as your new reality.

Cram Osteopaths is Scotland’s longest serving Osteopathic practice, and as such we have changed thousands of back pain sufferers lives, by enabling them to live pain free. Don’t delay in getting a diagnosis – find your local practice and contact us today for an initial consultation appointment.

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Back Pain

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What Our Patients Think

“Visited the clinic at Muirhead in excruciating back pain not sure what to expect was seen by Michael Brown who soon put me at ease and after six visits I am 95% better would highly recommend him thanks so much Michael”

Jeanette M, Glasgow

Meet The Team

Michael Brown

Michael has an incredible focus on his patients needs and wants, he just loves helping his patients get out of pain quickly. Michael has a great record for back pain sufferers and has a special interest in spinal pain and injury.

Joanna Cram

Joanna has incredible enthusiasm for making her patients feel better and is always ready to help. With her vigorous and refreshing desire to get you out of pain quickly, Joanna will have you feeling better soon.

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Our prices are very competitive with an initial consultation costing just £66. We’ll discuss your symptoms and medical history before an examination, diagnosis and treatment.