Peyronie’s Disease

Penis problems can be a tough pill to swallow but there is another way!

Shockwave Therapy has been shown to dramatically improve the symptoms of Induratio Penis Plastica (IPP) or Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s is a condition where hard, fibrous scar tissue develops under the skin leading to a characteristic painful bend or curve in the penis when erect. This can make intercourse uncomfortable at best and impossible at worst.

These physical effects often occur in tandem with increased anxiety and significant emotional stress and all together contribute to an enforced lack of sexual enthusiasm and overall sexual apathy which can be difficult to recover from alone.

Fortunately Shockwave Therapy provides an alternative route back to sexual fulfilment by delivering non-invasive, low intensity pulses of sound energy directly to the fibrous areas caused by Peyronie’s. By utilising these short, focussed sound waves in specifically affected areas, scar tissue can be broken down and the penis allowed to straighten naturally. This provides much coveted relief from daily pain and discomfort and the resumption of a healthy sexual lifestyle.

shock wave therapy

Results as quick as 3 weeks

Safe, Painless treatments with no side effects

Clinically proven long-term results with a more than a 70% success rates

Relief from daily pain and discomfort

“Shockwaves per session range from 2000–3000, with the average patient receiving around 3-5 treatment sessions.”

NICE – National Institute for Health & Care Excellence

Focussed Shockwave Technology

We are committed to ensuring that our patients receive all of the benefits that the latest advancements in treatment and technology have to offer. We are the only practice in Scotland offering men’s health treatment with the latest focussed shockwave technology.

Meet The Team

michael Fraser

Michael Fraser

A consultant urologist based at the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow for more than 13 years, Michael’s main clinical interests are the management of Peyronie’s disease and the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). He is a champion of men’s health issues and is pleased to see them receiving the focus and attention they deserve in everyday life.


Michael Brown

Michael has extensive experience using ESWT for chronic tendon injuries. Michael was the first Member in Scotland to be accepted into the International Society of Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST). He prides himself on making a real difference to real people. Michael is always focussed on making you feel like a better you as soon as he can.

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£350 – Per Treatment – Treatment commencing on and including initial consultation. Usually 3-5 treatments will be needed.

£200 – Initial consultation. In some cases shockwave therapy may not be suitable, therefore, only our consultation fee will apply.