I have been to a lot of different practices but this one is easily the best by a long way.
Mick, April 2015

Instant pain relief! Miracle workers.
Roisín Deaneehume, March 2015

Fantastic service from Joanna in Ayr who fixed a back niggle that’s been there for 15 years.
Mark, September 2018

Thank you, just thank you! Honestly shocked by how much better I am after one appointment. Great service, very accommodating, can’t praise highly enough.
Lesley, April 2018

I went to Joanna after whiplash from a snowboarding fall. She fixed my neck and back in one session.  Thank you!
Sasha, October 2016

I visited the Muirhead clinic in excruciating back pain.   Not sure what to expect, I was seen by Michael Brown who soon put me at ease, and after six visits I am 95% better.  I would highly recommend him and can’t thank him enough.
Jeanette, May 2018

I attended Cram Osteopaths having suffered with plantar fasciitis, knee and hip pain for three years. Michael performed shockwave treatment and manipulation. The difference is incredible. I am now virtually pain free and can manage flights of stairs that I could not have tackled before. I would not hesitate to recommend Cram Osteopaths.
Jacqueline, July 2018

I attended with plantar fasciitis and received shockwave therapy. I was very a sceptical at first but it has changed my life.   I have not had pain in my feet for 6 months, it is incredible and I can’t thank Cram Osteopaths enough.
David, June 2018

I am really pleased I found these guys. They are extremely qualified, super professional and friendly as well as efficient and extremely honest. All my treatment options were given to me including options that were not available by them. I am now 80% improved. Highly recommend.
Jake, June 2018

Joanna performed manipulation for two of my babies who had struggled with tongue tie and trouble feeding & sleeping. She displayed knowledge of the issues caused by tongue tie and made them both much more comfortable.  Next on my list to see her is me!
Joanne, August 2018