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Low Back Pain

Ongoing low back pain also known as chronic low back pain is a common occurrence in the world today. Statistics have suggested that low back pain has been experienced by 80% of the UK population (1).

Below we will look at some strategies to help.

In a recent study researches looked at treating 3 groups of patients with spinal manipulation (2).

1) received ‘fake’ spinal manipulation for 12 treatments

2) received spinal manipulation for 12 treatments

3) received spinal manipulation for 12 treatments and fortnightly visits of spinal manipulation for the next 9 months

Group 1 reported no relief from treatments

Groups 2 & 3 reported significant relief

Further research has determined spinal manipulation and adjustments to be safe and a successful way of treating chronic low back pain (3), 

Joanna and I regularly use Spinal Manipulation to treat low back pain. We can also provide advice on self managing your back pain which can really make a difference to your day to day life.

If you have not used osteopathic care your for symptoms. Give it a try, the evidence supports it and so do our patient reviews.

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The Truth About Chronic Back Pain and Steroid Injections

For millions with chronic lower back pain day to day life can be difficult. And a long-term solution to their suffering is not always long term. Some are subjected to steroid injections to alleviate inflammation and those steroid injections are usually a last resort for the most extreme cases of back pain.
In a recent study from France researchers wanted to test the efficacy and long term benefits of steroid injections for patients who suffered from chronic lower back pain. What they found was that steroid injections targeted at the inflammation of discs and vertebrae were not a long-term solution. And patients ended up where they began. Still with chronic pain, and a lower quality of life, more anxiety and depression. 
The injections might seem like a glimmer of hope for those with chronic back pain. But over time their effectiveness diminishes over time leaving patients at square one living with this pain and no long-term relief.
Cram Osteopaths have been successfully treating back pain since 1946 and we are always here when you need us. Advice, treatment & always lending ear.
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