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Cram Osteopaths - Family run since 1946

More than 30,000 people a day seek the care of an osteopath for various conditions such as back and neck pain, joint and muscular pain, sports injuries or work-related strain.

That’s because it works.

We are a family run osteopathic practice and have over 70 years’ experience in treating a wide variety of conditions.

Osteopathy is an effective hands-on approach to healthcare that recognises the link between the structures of your body and the way it works. We focus on how your skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves and circulation work together to improve your health and wellbeing.

Whatever the issue, we know it will be unique to you and so we’ll listen to you and develop a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Our job is to get your body into the best position to be able to treat or heal the issue or challenge that you’re facing.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our patients have to say.

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What Our Patients Think

Today was my first appointment with Cram Osteopath. After suffering 17 weeks of lower back pain, I decided after a recommendation to book myself an appointment. I got made to feel welcome when I entered and all staff had appropriate PPE. At my first initial appointment, I was given the opportunity to discuss my problem/pain issue, then Michael my consultant explained what would happen next. I found that was extremely helpful and gave me a chance to voice my thoughts on the pain that I have suffered since lockdown started. Michael was very on the ball with my problem and got straight to the point and was explained to me that I might hear a few pops/cracks once on the medical table for my back (Starting of treatment on 1st appointment is optional)I also thought that it was really good to receive a treatment assessment which followed later on in the day. I'm confident that Cram Osteopath will be able to help me and I highly recommend to other's that you give them a try.
Claire Niven
Claire N.
Having been to two different chiropractor's in the past i was sceptical, but friends and family said try an osteopath, so gave it a go today and got to say i was amazed at how better and more detailed cram osteopaths was, within a half hr Joanna had realigned my hips she showed me before and after and you could see that one hip was sitting higher before she manipulated my back, so i will definitely be returning, Excellent service
Barry Redmond
Barry R.
First time at an Osteopath. Didn't know what to expect. Michael was kindness itself which was very reassuring. I truly felt that I was being listened to. His professionalism and care was much appreciated. I was impressed by how quickly and efficiently my treatment notes were sent to me. Looking forward to beginning my treatment programme... Thanks Michael!
Alison Rooney
Alison R.
Will say more after a few weeks to see if problem resolved. Efficient, clear explanations and confidence instilling session. A tad expensive, worth it if problem is resolved.
Catherine Gerrard
Catherine G.
It is a few years since my husband attended cram but we have returned a d they are great you feel confident that they will help you.
Margaret Milligan
Margaret M.
My husband would highly recommend Cram Osteopaths. After only one appointment there is already a marked improvement in his discomfort and mobility. He found the consultation with Michael friendly and relaxing. As a follow up he received an action plan, by e-mail, which includes a diagnosis and treatment goals. He has found this very informative and helpful.
Barbara McCormick
Barbara M.

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