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Cram Osteopaths - Family run since 1946

More than 30,000 people a day seek the care of an osteopath for various conditions such as back and neck pain, joint and muscular pain, sports injuries or work-related strain.

That’s because it works.

We are a family run osteopathic practice and have over 70 years’ experience in treating a wide variety of conditions.

Osteopathy is an effective hands-on approach to healthcare that recognises the link between the structures of your body and the way it works. We focus on how your skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves and circulation work together to improve your health and wellbeing.

Whatever the issue, we know it will be unique to you and so we’ll listen to you and develop a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Our job is to get your body into the best position to be able to treat or heal the issue or challenge that you’re facing.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our patients have to say.

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What Our Patients Think

Micheal Brown is a very professional and knowledgeable Osteopath. I am a complicated case and Micheal has put a treatment plan in place to help me. He made me very comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend him 100%.
Brian Ramsay
Brian R.
Been suffering for months with painful shoulders but after just 2 visits to Joanna right shoulder is as good as new,I've no doubt that I will be free of pain after another couple of visits thanks Joanna
Michael Oneill
Michael O.
I’ve suffered for decades with spinal issues and periodic resultant back, neck, shoulder and leg pain. When I moved to Glasgow, Cram was recommended to me and, whatever my issues have been, 1-4 sessions with them has sorted me out and taken away my pain and any stiffness.
Steve Williams
Steve W.
Just starting my treatment programme but already feeling the benefits.Appointment was timely and professional came away feeling relieved , pain free and with a free ice pack! Result!!I had forgotten most of the advice given during my appointment so was really grateful for the follow up email detailing my treatment plan.The handy u-tube video was a great touch as I am more likely to watch and listen than read instructions!Highly recommend.
Tracey Simm
Tracey S.
Everything! Joanna is so professional and amazing and always is so welcoming.Saved me on many occasions from pain and discomfort
Sarah Gate
Sarah G.
From contacting Cram Osteopaths to my consultation was very professional,very good communication andfriendly and relaxed atmosphere which made it less stressful for myself. Would highly recommend
Top Trowel
Top T.

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