January’s Health Tips

January’s health tips –


  1. Forget the fads. Fad diets are around all year long, but their presence is hard to avoid in January.  No matter how good promotional ‘before and after’ pictures look they can be an unrealistic idea of what can be achieved in a short period of time.  Avoid giving up food groups and undertaking extreme exercise regimes and instead focus on enjoying lots of healthy nutritious food all week long and taking part in enjoyable exercise three times per week.
  2. Play like a kid. Make breaking a sweat fun by looking at exercise as your playtime.  Rather than seeing it as a chore, view it as the most fun part of your week and take up activities that truly make you smile.  From swimming to zumba, there are plenty of fun options available.
  3. Laugh. There’s no denying that in contrast to the joy of December, January can be a long and sometimes bleak month.  Having a good laugh is crucial to good health and does wonders for overall wellbeing.  Book a night out at a comedy show or get your favourite comedian’s DVD on the TV and have a good belly laugh.

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