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Getting a Good Night Sleep Feels Like Winning the Lottery

Two things we wish we could have; a good nights rest and winning the lottery. It’s too bad those two things have eluded the majority of us. Now, a new study out of the University of Warwick found that getting enough of the former will make us feel as happy and fulfilled as winning the latter.


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Dr. Tang at the Department of Psychology discovered that getting a better night sleep makes us feel physically and mentally better. It’s not about how many hours a night you sleep but the quality of sleep that leads to a better overall wellbeing.

Positive changes in sleep over time without using sleep medication leads to better physical and emotional health, and positively affect people’s ability to perform everyday activities. Improving the quality of sleep is a simple and cheap method of raising the health and wellbeing of people.

What the study didn’t show was how winning the lottery affected the sleep patterns of lottery winners. My guess is they would have trouble sleeping. Too much tossing and turning imagining what they’re going to do with all their winnings.


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