Getting Your Hands Dirty in a Garden can be Very Therapeutic

We all know someone who tends to their own garden, and a natural green thumb when it comes to planting seeds growing healthy vegetation. But, what we might not realise is how therapeutic gardening can actually be.

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People who have a garden love the calm serenity of working in the soil and planting vegetables. Gardens are now frequently used as a rehabilitation center itself. We all know how spending a lot of time outdoors can boost our mental and emotional wellbeing. But, gardening has the added benefit of engaging with the outdoors by helping something grow.

Horticulture therapy can be used in retirement homes, hospitals, even prisons where the fruits of their labor engage all the senses. People with physical disabilities can use gardening as a way to recuperate some of their fine motor skills or regain muscle strength through atrophy.

If you don’t have a yard for a garden you can get some smaller potted plants on a windowsill or grow a hanging herb garden in your kitchen. Gardening can be a simple intuitive hobby that doesn’t necessarily have to be outdoors to benefit from.

Having a garden is much more than being part of a seedling that becomes a giant stalk sprouting with shots and leaves. It gives a person a chance to be outside enjoying the sunshine and discovering themselves through the act of home horticulture.

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