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Social Media and Devices Detox

The ability to take out a small device to check email, take photos, connect with friends, play games and answer almost any question seemed like a great idea when smartphones and social media emerged more than a decade ago; but in recent years, many reports have looked at the downsides associated with heavy use of social media and technology.

A 2018 report, for example, found that people who use social media platforms for extended periods of time are more likely to take risky decisions. Another study revealed a correlation between heavy use of social media and an increased risk of physical ailments. Many people are aware of the term “text neck” which results from so much time spent looking down at the phone that it changes a person’s posture for the worse. Other studies have linked the use of social media to poor mental health, especially among teens and young adults. The more someone uses social media, the more likely they are to work with a plastic surgeon to “transform” their look, one study suggests.

Dr. Joseph Rock of the Cleveland Clinic states that these issues associated with the use of social media / devices can be attributed both to how social media affects the brain and to the impact of sedentary activity on mind and body. After all, if you’re all-day looking at your phone, your body probably won’t be moving enough.

One of the big issues with social media is that it creates emotions that keep luring people back for more— to the point that they find it difficult to cope if they don’t get stuck to their computer or device. The best way to determine if you’re using too much of your device is to ask family and friends what they think and if the answer is “too much” regularly, that’s a good indication of a problem. Dr Rock suggests a “cold turkey” approach to assess the severity of the addiction. He warns that although it will be initially uncomfortable, it will progressively improve the situation.

Not only will you spend more time having talks face to face and “smelling the flowers”, but you will probably increase your physical activity levels and take on a healthy posture also.

If you are still having discomfort with your neck / shoulder, your Osteopath can give you some exercises that can help you retrain your body to sit up straight, which can take a great deal of pressure off your neck and upper back.

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