Neck Pain

Workstation Neck Pain in Glasgow & Ayrshire

Neck pain is commonly associated with sitting in front of a screen for lengthy periods of time. So, is there a “correct” or “ideal” sort of desk to use while sitting on a desktop all day?

The sit-stand desk has gained considerable prominence in recent years, particularly with an 83% rise in sedentary employment since the 1950s.

In a report in 2018, researchers contrasted the impact of sitting and standing at a desk for 90 minutes in 20 healthy and active adults. Researchers tracked typing work efficiency and discomfort, vascular / blood flow, and structural improvements in the spine, hands, and arms, and found that standing desk use resulted in greater involvement of the shoulder girdle stabilising muscles (good thing), less pressure on the lower trapezius muscles, less upper body pain, and improved typing efficiency. The authors of the report suggest additional research to establish how standing impacts more complex computer programming functions, over prolonged work periods in symptomatic workers.

A treadmill desk is another form of desk available. In one study, researchers observed that using a treadmill desk resulted in less upper limb discomfort relative to sitting desk use, as well as improved muscle performance from lower back paraspinal muscles, wrist extender muscles, external abdominal obliques, lower trapezius and anterior deltoids.

What about the trend of making a little bicycle unit under the desk? In a 2019 study, researchers observed that participants performed better typing tasks while cycling, particularly at higher intensity.

Osteopaths are often asked about sitting / stand desk solutions, with or without lower limb exercise. The standard approach is to change it up, sit or stand as appropriate, and vary the amount of under-the-shelf exercise based on how you feel. Research supports that standing, walking and/or cycling may be a better alternative than a conventional sitting-only, sedentary desk.

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