What’s causing your heel pain in the morning?


Plantar fasciitis may be the cause of your heel pain, patients present with following symptoms. The majority of patients attend our Glasgow plantar fasciitis clinic with heel pain, they feel like something is stuck, or being stuck into the base of the heel when they put pressure on it when walking. Also, a number of patients present with pain around the arch of the foot, and then less commonly, around the toes. All of these areas can be categorised as plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Now, one of the reasons for your increase in symptoms at the moment, can be down to your footwear… or lack of it. Many more people are now working from home. They walk from one room to another on hard surfaces, with no footwear or inadequate footwear, possibly all that shuffling around in slippers could be leading to some of the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

So, one of our top tips for plantar fasciitis, is adequate footwear, wearing supportive footwear or trainers , when you are outside walking and when you are inside walking always make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear.

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