Mid/Upper Back Pain Treatment

Today I wanted to show you one of the techniques we use for your Thoracic spine. This is the middle part of your back, often people come in complaining of pain in between the shoulder blades, or they just feel very, very stiff. As well as loosening up some of the soft tissues and going over some exercise rehab with a patient, one of the effective techniques that we use in the practice is known as the Thoracic Spine Manipulation technique.

So for this technique, we have the patient lying on the back. First of all, we place one hand on the shoulder and the other hand underneath the side, we ask the patient to breathe in and out and get you to bend one knee up. I’m just going to have my hand underneath the back and put some pressure through your forearms. We’re going to roll you towards the practitioner and you take a deep breath in for me, and all the way out, we’re just going to roll you back and just let that breath go. Perfect.

So if you’re having any trouble with stiffness or pain in the middle part of your spine, then please get in contact with us. We’d be delighted to help take care now.