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Sore back at Christmas time?

Hello. It’s Michael Brown from Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow and I was sent a picture of brussel sprouts on a stalk recently and it reminded me of something that we see in the trade magazines. It looks like a back massager or one of those back massage sticks that you can get.

So I thought about it and we’ve got one of these and I want to see if this works. If you’re suffering with back pain on Christmas day and you really want to participate, but you’re struggling, I think I’ve got something that can help.

So you take your brussel sprout/back massager, you place it on the floor. You get down onto the ground to do your back stretches and your job is to try and get all of the brussel sprouts off. It feels brilliant. Actually roll side to side, to help with the muscles in your back, and then you can change it around. I think what we’re going to do is use the foam rolling technique that you can use on your back. I’m going to try up and down.

So now you can still help out on Christmas day with your brussel sprout/back massager. Perfect present as well, for someone suffering with back pain at Christmas and I’m off to make some coleslaw, or something with these brussels sprouts. Enjoy.

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How to avoid Neck pain at Christmas?


Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow and another Christmas injury that we see at this time of year, this one happens on the worst day possible. This usually happens on Christmas day and it’s called the Turkey neck. What usually happens is you’ve had a really lovely day, you’re filled up with Turkey or nut roast, or cheese and you sit down after you’ve had your meal with your family.
You put your feet up, you’ve been working hard, serving everyone all day and you think I’ll have a snooze and you do something like this and this is called Turkey neck. So you sit like that and you sleep for maybe 15, 20 minutes or an hour later, you wake up and you’re in this position, no support. You wake up and ouch, that’s your neck in agony. Okay. So I thought about how you avoid Turkey neck, a Christmas injury, and maybe go and have a lie down instead of sitting up in a chair and potentially hurting yourself.
So beware Christmas injuries, there’s injury everywhere. Good luck.

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How to prevent gift wrapping injuries

Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow here. Today I’m here to talk to you about the number one Christmas injury that we see this time of year. I want to get this in early, because I know some of you are going to be wrapping presents over the coming week and over the weekend.
What usually happens is that the patient calls up and their back is in agony and usually the reason for this type of injury is because they have been sitting on the floor for three hours. Three hours at a time leaning forward, grabbing the sellotape, grabbing the scissors, cutting the paper, to wrap the Christmas presents. Then they go to get up and their back has gone.
This is completely avoidable. So please, if you’re going to be wrapping Christmas presents then use an ironing board, so that you can get around and stand up high. If you have a lovely green couch like ours, then that is ideal for present wrapping. I wrap all my presents in here before I leave on Christmas Eve and get it up to working height. Or use either your breakfast bar or something higher in the house like an ironing board so that it can save yourself an awful lot of pain and agony this time of year, when it’s the worst time for you to be sore.
So yes, look out, be aware, get your presents wrapped when you’re standing up or sitting at the dining room table, but not on the floor.

And if you’re wondering why I’m wearing this, I’m playing the angel in the Cram Osteopaths nativity and you can look forward to seeing that as well. Until next time, bye.

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What is IDD Therapy?

Hi, it’s Joanna from Cram Osteopaths. Last week, we talked about IDD treatment for chronic neck pain and also for chronic lower back pain and we talked about how the machine itself can look a little bit unsettling when you first set eyes on it.

So what we’ve done is we’ve shown you a situation where Bradley and Anina have set themselves up on the machine and we’ve done it as a sped up version of real time.

Normally the process takes around 24 minutes, but this is just to give you an idea of how comfortable the treatment is and what’s involved in the process of coming on and off the machine. Again, any questions please get in touch. If this is something you think might help you, or you just want to talk to us further, please do contact us at the clinic and one of our experienced Osteopaths will give you a call back.

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