Tips to avoid injury when lifting weights



Michael from Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow and today I want to talk to you about your new exercise regime. If you’re starting one or just getting into the gym again in the new year.

Over the last few years, people have been completely obsessed with squats and deadlifts, and this is something we often see, or the patient reports that back pain started when they were doing this.

Now definitely get some advice from someone that knows what they’re doing when you’re doing these exercises, but one of the tips I want to give you is always look where you’re lifting from or where you’re pushing too.

So when people are doing deadlifts, there’s a mirror in front of you, and they’re looking at that mirror as you’re going up and down in position. You would never lift a weight and not look at the thing that you’re lifting or pushing, so I would just let your eyes glance down at what you’re doing instead of looking at yourself. Look down at the weight that you’re lifting, and then you go into the deadlift rather than tilting your head to look at yourself, so avoiding putting a lot of stress on your neck. The other one that’s really important when lifting weights above your head, there is no way you would lift weights above your head handing someone something without looking in that direction. You’d look where the weight is going, so again just glance your eyes at what you’re doing and where you’re going.  That will take a lot of stress and strain off your back and try to prevent some of these injuries.