Could you be suffering from Sciatica?

Did your pain begin in your lower back and travels down one or both of your legs?  Is it worse after long periods of sitting or standing?

If yes, then you could be suffering from sciatica.

This extremely painful condition is likely affecting your daily life, and you could be desperate to find a way to get back to living a healthy, pain free life.

At Cram Osteopaths we diagnose and successfully treat sciatic pain, from degenerative wear & tear to acute sciatica caused by disc bulges or piriformis syndrome.  When it comes to specialist knowledge, we have over 75 Years’ experience in helping people with sciatica, even with the most challenging pain dilemmas.

Read more about this condition and how we are the experts in treating sciatica pain or get in touch now to make an appointment or have a chat.




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What Our Patients Think

“Always friendly. Great service. My back has never felt so good.”

Denny Henderson, Glasgow

Meet The Team

Michael Brown

Michael has an incredible focus on his patients needs and wants, he just loves helping his patients get out of pain quickly. Michael has a great record for back pain sufferers and has a special interest in spinal pain and injury.

Joanna Cram

Joanna has incredible enthusiasm for making her patients feel better and is always ready to help. With her vigorous and refreshing desire to get you out of pain quickly, Joanna will have you feeling better soon.

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